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Knitting is sexy May 1, 2011

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So we all know how much I love knitting and all things to do with knitting right? We also know how much I love tattoos right? Well how happy am I to have merged my 2 favorite things? SO happy lol.

I am a very lucky girl that one of my good friends also happens to be a very talented tattoo artist…The Painted Lady she is amazing and I love her.

So here it is my newest addition it is amazing and I cannot express with words just how much I love her 🙂 she proves that knitting is sexy lol



Broken Gurl April 6, 2011

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So my daughter loves to ski and is a good skier, which makes it so much sadder that she isn’t aloud to ski anymore lol 🙂

Normally she goes skiing with her best friend and on this particular day my mom and I decided to take her up it was my first time ever going to watch her I may have been her bad luck charm lol.

I had been joking with my friend and sister that something bad was going to happen because I was there so when my friend came to me towards the end of the day and calmly told me that the medics were heading up to bring Torey down I thought she was kidding after asking her several times if she was serious I finally got it through my head that yes she was in fact serious so off we went to the first aid area to wait. My friend told me Torey had hurt her arm (which she had fractured twice before) I wasn’t surprised as it seems to be weak already. When they brought her down and unzipped the bag she was in I noticed her arm and leg were both splinted grrrr.

We took her to the emergency room and had xrays done on her ankle and wrist the doc came and told us that her ankle wad just sprained and her wrist just had another small green stick fracture so we should take her to get casted the next day.

I took her Sunday to get her arm casted and her ankle looked at again as it was very swollen and sore. Turns out her wrist was broken all the way through so the put a cast on and said again her ankle is just badly sprained.

She went for a CT scan on her ankle on Wednesday and we found out on Saturday (a week later) that she had a bad fracture in her ankle as well good thing she walked on it for 5 days.

Monday morning she went for surgery and they got her able all fixed up they had to put a wire and a screw in and she is now sporting a cast on both her left arm and her left leg which means she is wheelchair bound for at least the next 6 weeks hmmm fun lol.

I personally think that an injury if this type should come with some type of alcoholic beverage for mom 🙂



Challenge Complete :) March 26, 2011

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So I had a friend ask if I could make a Harley davidson sweater for her baby I looked online and found a chart and said of course I can… it took some time and much cursing lol but I did it 🙂 now to see if I can put the pic on with my phone



Yay March 25, 2011

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Lol I have been a serious blogging slacker lately have been very busy knitting up a storm, working and just life in general 🙂
My Monday night drop in knitting class us still going strong have a great core group of ladies that come out regularly and have new ladies stopping in often too which is awesome 🙂
I have been teaching a mother and me knitting class as well on Fridays and that is going great as well

Until next time
Get your knit on 🙂


Finally Back October 3, 2010

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Wow it feels like forever since I have blogged…maybe because it has been lol. I was away on holidays and had a very nice time it was great to see family 🙂 and of course it was great to do some shopping as well got all stocked up on my favorite Vanna’s Choice yarn and found a new favorite store David’s Tea OMG this store it amazing for anyone who loves tea and has never been you seriously must go you can also shop online @ it is fabulous and the tea is out of this world 🙂 for any of of my local friends there is a store in Prince George.  I have been crazy busy with knitting classses which are going great and with getting ready for our winter craft fair which is quickly approaching.

We also got a kitten which for any of you who know me is a bit odd as I have never been a big fan of cats…one day I was down at out local SPCA and there was so many cats and kittens it was very sad and then I saw this little kitty who was looking up at me from her cage with these eyes that were so sad and I thought she was so cute, I came home and could not stop thinking about her so my daughter and I thought about it for a couple days and then I took Torey down to see her and of course she fell in love lol and then I ended up going back a couple days later and bringing her home 🙂 We named her Brigitte and she is fitting in to our little family quite well and we love her so much lol who knew 🙂

Anyways it feels good to be back and I will post pics of my craft fair stuff in a few days but here are a few of our new princess

Happy Knitting 😉


My Birthday :) July 16, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday…for those of you who don’t know me one of the most important things you could know is that my birthday is my favorite day of all lol 😮 I love it so much.

I had a fabulous 34th birthday I got spoiled at work one of the ladies made me an amazing cake shaped like a watermelon it was so awesome and tasted great too 🙂 my partner decorated my chair with streamers and balloons  and I wore my princess tiara most of the day lol

After work I got to buy myself a great birthday present…my driver’s license needed to be renewed lol who knew it now costs $75 to renew…sheesh I could buy ALOT of yarn for that price lol.

Then my parents took me and my daughter out for dinner and we went to my sister’s house where my mama had decorated the dining room table with a bright pink table cloth and pink party hats/plates/cups and forks….I of course loved that lol (I know I am 34 not 6 but whatever :)) my mom and dad made me a cake shaped like a cell phone something else I love is my cell phone lol

Mom said she found online a cake pan shaped like a ball of yarn of course I am going to have to find it and order it so I can make a yarn cake for our next knitting day 🙂

All in all my day was filled with love and was great as usual

Now I am going to get back to my knitting because I have a bunch of orders to fill YAY

Happy Knitting 🙂



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Happy Canada Day Everyone…today we are going to watch our annual Canada Day Parade and then it’s off to our local rec centre for a multicultural food fair and listen to local bands and talents it is a very exciting day in our little town 🙂 and the most exciting thing of all……the sun is out woo hooo.

 I am also going to set aside the sweater I am currently working on to start a red sweater.

Years ago when I first started knitting  I was out of town with some friends on a spinning weekend and we were at the local yarn shop I saw some beautiful red yarn that I thought would make a great sweater for my daughter.. So I asked one of my friends who is a fabulous knitter “do you think I could make a sweater?” and of course my friend being the positive supportive gal that she is said “OF COURSE YOU CAN” so I make my purchase and we head back to the hotel where we crack open some wine and change into our jammies and spread all of our new yarn purchases out on the beds so we can all see. 

Yvonne whips out a notebook and pen and we start to sketch out a sweater (there are no patterns in Yvonnes world she jsut makes them up as she goes lol) she gets me started and off I go. It was a very very long (about 1 year) and painful process lol. I have fond memories of ripping out and restarting this freakin sweater lol the first couple of times weren’t so bad but by the time I had restarted the back piece for the 1oth time I had lovingly named it the red seater from hell lol 🙂 By the time I was finished with it I had said more swear words than ever before and claimed I was never making another sweater again 😉 but when it was all finished and sown together all those bad feelings vanished and I went from feeling frustrated and confused and wanting to swear just at the site of it to feeling proud and happy……..I had knit a sweater how awesome am I lol 🙂

In the end my daughter was only able to wear the sweater once or twice as she had grown alot over the year lol but even though it was hard to get over her head and a bit tight she knew how hard I had worked and she wore it and claimed to love it lol. She is a good girl 🙂

The whole point to this story was that I think I still have enough of this yarn to make a baby sweater and that is what I am going to do today 🙂

Happy Knitting Everyone 🙂