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My love of knitting

About September 13, 2009

I am 33 years old and am the very proud mother to 2 princesses 1 two legged and 1 four legged lol, these girls are my life. They are very understanding of my addiction to knitting and spinning even though my daughter has made several hints to my knitting hobby…a few months age she woke from a bad dream and told me that she was being chased through the house by and intruder and was so scared I asked where I was and she said oh you were in your chair knitting lol. Ok so to some this may seem extream but to us it’s what I do I often tell her I could be addicted to far worse things than fiber.

I LOVE KNITTING AND SPINNING. I could knit or spin all day long of course my child would probably leave me, my house would be a disaster and I would get fired lol and as tempting as it would be I would miss my daughter and need to work……the last time I checked the gas company doesn’t take hand knit socks in lui of payment lol.

My one wish in life is to one day own my yarn shop that would make me very happy. I cannot begin to tell you the rush I get when I am in a yarn shop my non knitting friend came to a shop with me when we were out of town on business and even she was amazed at all the awesomeness. One day I will have the pleasure of making my wish come true….I just know it.


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