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Broken Gurl April 6, 2011

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So my daughter loves to ski and is a good skier, which makes it so much sadder that she isn’t aloud to ski anymore lol 🙂

Normally she goes skiing with her best friend and on this particular day my mom and I decided to take her up it was my first time ever going to watch her I may have been her bad luck charm lol.

I had been joking with my friend and sister that something bad was going to happen because I was there so when my friend came to me towards the end of the day and calmly told me that the medics were heading up to bring Torey down I thought she was kidding after asking her several times if she was serious I finally got it through my head that yes she was in fact serious so off we went to the first aid area to wait. My friend told me Torey had hurt her arm (which she had fractured twice before) I wasn’t surprised as it seems to be weak already. When they brought her down and unzipped the bag she was in I noticed her arm and leg were both splinted grrrr.

We took her to the emergency room and had xrays done on her ankle and wrist the doc came and told us that her ankle wad just sprained and her wrist just had another small green stick fracture so we should take her to get casted the next day.

I took her Sunday to get her arm casted and her ankle looked at again as it was very swollen and sore. Turns out her wrist was broken all the way through so the put a cast on and said again her ankle is just badly sprained.

She went for a CT scan on her ankle on Wednesday and we found out on Saturday (a week later) that she had a bad fracture in her ankle as well good thing she walked on it for 5 days.

Monday morning she went for surgery and they got her able all fixed up they had to put a wire and a screw in and she is now sporting a cast on both her left arm and her left leg which means she is wheelchair bound for at least the next 6 weeks hmmm fun lol.

I personally think that an injury if this type should come with some type of alcoholic beverage for mom 🙂