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My Birthday :) July 16, 2010

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Yesterday was my birthday…for those of you who don’t know me one of the most important things you could know is that my birthday is my favorite day of all lol 😮 I love it so much.

I had a fabulous 34th birthday I got spoiled at work one of the ladies made me an amazing cake shaped like a watermelon it was so awesome and tasted great too 🙂 my partner decorated my chair with streamers and balloons  and I wore my princess tiara most of the day lol

After work I got to buy myself a great birthday present…my driver’s license needed to be renewed lol who knew it now costs $75 to renew…sheesh I could buy ALOT of yarn for that price lol.

Then my parents took me and my daughter out for dinner and we went to my sister’s house where my mama had decorated the dining room table with a bright pink table cloth and pink party hats/plates/cups and forks….I of course loved that lol (I know I am 34 not 6 but whatever :)) my mom and dad made me a cake shaped like a cell phone something else I love is my cell phone lol

Mom said she found online a cake pan shaped like a ball of yarn of course I am going to have to find it and order it so I can make a yarn cake for our next knitting day 🙂

All in all my day was filled with love and was great as usual

Now I am going to get back to my knitting because I have a bunch of orders to fill YAY

Happy Knitting 🙂


One Response to “My Birthday :)”

  1. sue Says:

    hey sista, how about updating your blog ok… love reading yours… thanks.. hope you have a great day.. your momma xo

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