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Happy Canada Day Everyone…today we are going to watch our annual Canada Day Parade and then it’s off to our local rec centre for a multicultural food fair and listen to local bands and talents it is a very exciting day in our little town 🙂 and the most exciting thing of all……the sun is out woo hooo.

 I am also going to set aside the sweater I am currently working on to start a red sweater.

Years ago when I first started knitting  I was out of town with some friends on a spinning weekend and we were at the local yarn shop I saw some beautiful red yarn that I thought would make a great sweater for my daughter.. So I asked one of my friends who is a fabulous knitter “do you think I could make a sweater?” and of course my friend being the positive supportive gal that she is said “OF COURSE YOU CAN” so I make my purchase and we head back to the hotel where we crack open some wine and change into our jammies and spread all of our new yarn purchases out on the beds so we can all see. 

Yvonne whips out a notebook and pen and we start to sketch out a sweater (there are no patterns in Yvonnes world she jsut makes them up as she goes lol) she gets me started and off I go. It was a very very long (about 1 year) and painful process lol. I have fond memories of ripping out and restarting this freakin sweater lol the first couple of times weren’t so bad but by the time I had restarted the back piece for the 1oth time I had lovingly named it the red seater from hell lol 🙂 By the time I was finished with it I had said more swear words than ever before and claimed I was never making another sweater again 😉 but when it was all finished and sown together all those bad feelings vanished and I went from feeling frustrated and confused and wanting to swear just at the site of it to feeling proud and happy……..I had knit a sweater how awesome am I lol 🙂

In the end my daughter was only able to wear the sweater once or twice as she had grown alot over the year lol but even though it was hard to get over her head and a bit tight she knew how hard I had worked and she wore it and claimed to love it lol. She is a good girl 🙂

The whole point to this story was that I think I still have enough of this yarn to make a baby sweater and that is what I am going to do today 🙂

Happy Knitting Everyone 🙂


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