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Thank You Mary Maxim :) May 17, 2010

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So whenever I go to my friend Gales house she always has a basket of slippers at the door and it is so comforting to slip a pair of those hand knit slippers on I have been trying to get the pattern from her mom for a while now but she doesn’t have a pattern grrrrrr. LOL well I saw a slipper kit on sale in Mary Maxim and thought they looked similar so I ordered it and they forgot to send the pattern lol ahhhhhhhhhhhhh are you kidding me lol so I emailed them and they sent it to me right away 🙂 yay I am so happy I have made a pair for my daughter and will be making my own basket of cozy slippers for when my friends come over 🙂 I will post pics when my basket is ready

Well gotta go cabled slippers are calling my name lol

Happy Knitting 😉


Knitting again…..thank goodness May 11, 2010

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Well I have to say this was the longest weekend EVER lol as I said in my previous post I was unable to knit all weekend. Thank goodness nothing was broken ugh what the heck would I do with a broken hand hmmm I should reserve a room at the funny farm just in case that ever happens lol. 🙂

I got some spinning done but even that was painful so I did alot of reading and that was ok too.

Had a fabulous Mother’s Day with my princess….once again I am reminded how lucky I am to have her in my life….Torey you are amazing and I luv U so freakin much 🙂

Happy Knitting Everyone


No knitting = sucky day lol May 8, 2010

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So last night I banged my hand on a wall and can hardly move it today…..what the heck did I do before I was a knitter???  ugh this sucks big time lol I go for xrays on monday eeeek hopefully it’s ok 😦 well off to read some more lol.

Happy Knitting 😦 so jealous lol