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The Knit Journey April 29, 2010

Filed under: Knitting — fiberrox @ 10:34 pm

This is what I have decided to call my time completing my knitting instructors course I am so excited I received my books today and have been getting my lesson plan book all organized tonight and tomorrow I will begin my journey……eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek lol that is me showing my excitement 🙂 I have briefly skimmed through the first few lesson plans and am excited and nervous at the same time each lesson plan involves reading, knitting samples and answering questions 🙂 I will keep you all posted on how my journey progresses 🙂

Happy Knitting 😉


One Response to “The Knit Journey”

  1. mom Says:

    yay so you got your course woot, way to go, you will do well on it Tash.. something to keep you busier during your late nights up…good luck, mom xo

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