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Socks…socks and more socks :) April 17, 2010

Filed under: Knitting,Socks — fiberrox @ 7:44 pm

So we are just going into the last week of my sock class and it went quite well I think. I have been on a major sock knitting binge lately socks are on my mind all the time lol and when I am knitting them I almost always have the song SHOTS stuck in my head but instead of the word shots I insert the word socks 🙂 I know it is odd but well you know that is kinda me in a nutshell lol I am working on pair #5 in the last 3 weeks 🙂 I will take some pictures and add them later as I have just remembered that my daughter stole borrowed the batteries from my camera and didn’t return them 🙂

We have been having great weather the last few days and I had big plans to get out the lawn chairs and weed the back garden this weekend but thankfully it rained today lol and that means I got to stay in my jammies and knit 🙂 YAY it is what I wanted to do anyways ha ha ha.

Hope everyone is enjoying their weekends

Happy Knitting  😉


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