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Perfect Day April 14, 2010

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This weekend I had a perfect day it was a simple day really but one I think I will think about for a long time, the sun was shining and my daughter and I decided to go for a drive…a 3 hour long drive lol we got packed up our doggy and grabbed some tea and got in the car. We drove to a neighboring town we sang to loud music and just enjoyed the ride. We went for sushi once we arrived and had the most amazing roll it was called the philly roll it was cream cheese, smoked salmon and green onion mmmm it was so good 🙂 after our lunch we wandered down main street made a quick detour into one of the yarn shops for some sock yarn and then we spotted a tatoo/piercing shop so we decided to go in and price out nose piercings my daughter was very excited as I had told her she could get it done in the summer 🙂 So after a quick chat with the piercing lady she decided to do it….it looks great, I have mine done for several years and am glad she wanted to do hers too.  After that we headed for home and enjoyed each others company and of course there was more singing lol. I enjoyed this simple day so much as my baby is getting older and I treasure all the alone time I get with her 🙂

Of course once we were home I started a new pair of socks lol my perfect day would not be complete without some knitting 🙂

What would your perfect day look like?

This is my beautiful girl 🙂


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