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Long weekend bliss April 2, 2010

Filed under: Knitting — fiberrox @ 6:19 pm

Ahhhhhhh I am so happy to have 4 days off work….yipeeee 🙂 so far I am enjoying my time off I started off with my sock knitting class which was lots of fun and then my daughter was at a friends overnight so I stayed up very late drinking tea and knitting my new very exciting project….my first ever fair isle cardigan and I am loving it 🙂 then after my alarm clock went off at 5am ( I am very bright and forgot to turn it off ) I went back to my tea drinking and knitting, I got out of my jammies and put my knitting down and walked down the street to have a quick visit with a friend and then did a bit off easter shopping and now am back in my jammies lol getting ready to start knitting again………yahoooo this is how my weekend is going to go 🙂

How are you all spending your long weekend?

Happy Easter and Happy Knitting to you all


One Response to “Long weekend bliss”

  1. fiberrox Says:

    hmmm my picture is a bit blurry and doesn’t really do my sweater justice but I think there is something wrong with my camera grrrrr 😐

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