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Sad February 22, 2010

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Sheesh so it’s been a while since I blogged….haven’t had too much new and exciting going on. I haven’t been feeling too good lately. I recently went into a shop in a neighboring town that I had no idea exsisted and when I heard she sold yarn I was very excited as we all know I have a slight obbsession love for all things fiber related lol so it was odd that I hadn’t yet been to this store. So I finally get there and am quite excited I walk in and yes it is true there are shelves full of yarn of all kinds and again I am quite excited…..there are 2 ladies working when I arrive and neither of them even said hello, well that’s fine I wander around for a few minutes looking and touching and drooling wishing I had someone to share my excitement which seems to be fading slightly, and then from behind the shelves shouts this grumpy voice do you need some help or anything hmmmm don’t get up to come and see lol. Am I sounding bitter? So I pounce on this opportunity to strike up a convo and start saying how excited I was to have heard about her store and she just sits there and stares at me rather seriously lol okay well now my excitement is really fading fast lol the whole time I am blabbering away I am thinking lady you should be excited with me. But sadly she showed no sign of excitement or anything else for that matter needless to say I did not purchase anything from her and don’t see myself going back…sigh….so sad. When I one day get to open my yarn shop I vow to always share in the fibery excitement of all my customers 🙂

 I am feeling sad as Thursday is my last knitting class,I really enjoyed the last 6 weeks and hope to continue on with the ladies 🙂

Soon I will start my sock knitting class and am excited for that as socks are one of my favorite things to make 🙂



3 Responses to “Sad”

  1. Simply Bee Says:

    Oh no! I hate when I go into a shop and the staff aren’t friendly! I think you would be a great, friendly, and helpful yarn shop owner!

  2. fiberrox Says:

    I know right it totally ruined my whole yarn buzz…sheesh lol

  3. Jodianne Says:

    ugh. so frustrating! well its there loss…what a shame.

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