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spinning February 7, 2010

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So I have decided that my poor wheel has been very neglected lately and I feel bad, I have been very busy with knitting but think I am going to take a little knit break today and spend some quality time with my spinning 🙂 I will post pictures this afternoon with my progress I think that the lovely blue fibres will be socks for my mama.

Hope everyone has a lovely sunday doing what you love the most…what’s your favorite way to spend Sunday?

Happy knitting spinning 😉


One Response to “spinning”

  1. Mama Says:

    Oh Yay, I was looking at all the pics thinking omg, love the colour, then i get down to your comment and see you are planning a pair of socks for none other than me… woot woot.. i love the photo shoot, cup of tea, check, phone, check, wheel, check, wool, check.. perfect oh but what the heck, no jammies?? were you going somewhere?? lol.. nice work Tash.. love you Mom

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