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28 Day Organizing Challenge (gulp) January 27, 2010

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So my friend Laura has the most amazing website check it out I think you will love her. I am going to participate in her next challenge (gulp) I keep saying I have got to get my room organized but somehow it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. There are so many other things I would rather be doing lol such as knitting and knitting and hmmm maybe knitting just one more row lol (how many times have you said that? lol). So I ask that you don’t judge me when you see the photos lol there was a hurricane I swear 🙂

Happy Knitting 😉


One Response to “28 Day Organizing Challenge (gulp)”

  1. your mama Says:

    WOW hey good for you to jump in and face the challenge, good time to purge and straighten your room Tash, I’m hoping for you… you can do it.. bring in you know who for ideas OK.. Good Luck you will feel so much better after its done.. ttyl Mom…xo

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