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28 Day Organizing Challenge (gulp) January 27, 2010

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So my friend Laura has the most amazing website check it out I think you will love her. I am going to participate in her next challenge (gulp) I keep saying I have got to get my room organized but somehow it always gets pushed to the bottom of the list. There are so many other things I would rather be doing lol such as knitting and knitting and hmmm maybe knitting just one more row lol (how many times have you said that? lol). So I ask that you don’t judge me when you see the photos lol there was a hurricane I swear 🙂

Happy Knitting 😉


My new knitting room aka…Moms room of joy January 19, 2010

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So finally after much work and many changes I am finished with my knitting room and it is freaking amazing 🙂 For my daughters birthday we decorated a new room in the house for her was it because a) I am a super cool mom, b) I wanted the room for myself and had to get her out of it, or c) all of the above???? If you answered c you are totally right lol okay I will admit I didn’t think of the new room just so I could have it, The idea started with answer a lol and then it hit me…what a perfect space for my knitting room 🙂 I love to spend time in my room it makes me happy and really isn’t that what it’s all about? Feeling happy? I can have a crappy day at work or just be having a bad day and guess what step into my room of joy and that all disappears. I brought in the china cabinet that my Poppy made and found the book shelf at our local thrift shop and yesterday was given the white cube shelving (thanks again Dee) so I got the shelf put together (on my own :)) and only came out of it with a very bruised hand 😦 (yay me). I finished the last of the finishing touches and took some photos to share with you….enjoy.



New Love January 16, 2010

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I was lucky enough to receive a gift certificate for Knit Picks this Christmas and I ordered my self the Harmony Wood needles sets both the circular and the dpn….OH MY GOODNESS……I am soooo happy they are amazing. I don’t know if I will ever be able to knit with anything else lol 😉


Knit Master T January 15, 2010

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So yesterday while discussing my knitting class (that started today) with my sister she jokingly asked if I was going to make the ladies call me Miss. Harris so after much discussion and even more silliness and laughter we decided that the best thing for them to call me would be Knit Master T which I secretly love and want people to call me lol. My daughter told me I was a huge loser and she would disown me if I actually told people this new name of mine (she’s 12 and clearly unaware of whats cool).

My 1st knitting class was tonight and I think it went really well I am happy 🙂


HELP January 10, 2010

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I am unsure if any other knitters are even reading my blog but I am teaching my first beginners knitting class starting on Thursday (gulp) and am looking for advice from anyone who has taught before any tips would be great.



Happy Feet :)

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Just thought I would post a couple pics of the socks I made for my daughter and her best friend, they love them 🙂


busy girl January 2, 2010

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I have been greatly enjoying my time off and have gotten lots of knitting done (yay me) I have knit 3 pairs of socks, 1 baby sweater fixed 2 toques and started some felted slippers I have an order for ahhhh see the things a girl can accomplish when work doesn’t get in the way lol oh well maybe one day I will win the lottery and can open my yarn shop 🙂

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL hope 2010 is wonderful 😉