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It’s finally here…..CRAFT FAIR DAY…..YAY November 6, 2009

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So the big day is finally here the craft fair starts tonight yahoo I hope it goes well. I am all set everything looks great. Tomorrow after the craft fair is my daughter’s 12th birthday party gosh I don’t know where the last 12 years has gone it seems like only yesterday that I heard the scary news… are pregnant…..ahhhhh as scary as it was on that day I am so glad that I was irrisponsible and got pregnant lol all joking aside my daughter is the best thing to have happened to me and I will always be grateful to her. Seriously though 12 years????? yikes.


One Response to “It’s finally here…..CRAFT FAIR DAY…..YAY”

  1. your momma Says:

    Hello Tash, and we are all so happy you were too, haha… and yes 12 years OMG!!!.. but seriously Torey has been asking such questions the last few days or hours, i do believe she was upset tonight that Tanty wasn’t going to be at her party, and wow talk about put Tanty on the spot lol… be happier by this time tomorrow and we can all go phew haha.. way to go you girls… have a good day tomorrow sis… love ya Mom…

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