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I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM September 17, 2009

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HI MY NAME IS TASHA AND I AM A TEA AHOLIC… I feel so much better lol seriously I have a major problem with tea and coffee but mostly tea I can’t seem to ever have enough I have told my daughter not to let me buy anymore tea….but like all good tea aholics I will sneak and buy it I just know it lol.

What this picture doesn’t show is that there are alot of teas stashed in the baskets and they also are in about 3 or 4 boxes and canisters deep wow what am I going to do about this problem?????



  1. fiberrox Says:

    not sure why there are two pictures but i am just happy to have figured how to get the picture on lol

  2. Jenny Says:

    Oh my goodness, that’s a lotta tea!LOL…I thought I had a tea fetish…hehe!

  3. fiberrox Says:

    lol oh Jenny I know it is so bad and what is worse is that tetley green teas are on sale at Overwaitea this week. AHHHHH I must stay out of the store I don’t think I have the will power to pass that up

    • Diana Says:

      Licoriche tea is the s**t…….You have the leave the tea bag in the mug the entire time though, sweetens it up without having to use sugar. I got a cupboard like you do too. I love it and organize it all the time. It’s the small things tash,,,,,,enjoy it.

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