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new blog :) September 13, 2009

Filed under: Knitting — fiberrox @ 5:07 am

So I have decided that since most of my awake time is spent either working or knitting I would start an all new blog and this one is going to be all about my love for fibres all kinds and all colors. I love to spin on my beloved Ashford Joy double treddle it makes me happy 🙂 I also love to knit, I am not the fastest knitter and in the knitting world I am still somewhat of a beginner I have been knitting for about 6 years now and spinning for 5. When I first started knitting I wanted desperatly to learn how to make socks so I went to a local fibre arts meeting here in my home town and I walked in and saw a great deal of very talented ladies doing something rather neat looking with this wheely looking thing which I very quickly learned was a spinning wheel….well socks smocks I just HAD to learn how to spin…so one of the ladies let me borrow one of her first wheels and got me some extra fibres and started teaching me and let me tell you I am now hooked I love love love spinning the soothing whir of the wheel going around and around it is like meditating to me…all thoughts are gone from my head other than the feel of the fibres gliding through my fingers. Oh and a year later I did finally learn to knit socks lol, they continue to be my favorite thing to knit and just last month went in a local craft fair with my baby/toddler socks they are so cute. I will post some pics of them as soon as I figure out how 🙂 Well I think thats all for now I am super excited to be blogging again……ttyl


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