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Perfect Sunday September 27, 2009

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So far I am having a great Sunday, it is only 12:30 and I have done a load of laundry, had 2 cups of tea, started the second sleeve for my pink/purple baby sweater, started a new baby sweater that I am giving as a baby gift next sunday and am still in my jammies 🙂 yay me. I plan on doing this all day lol….although at some point I need to get my meals planned for next week and I should get dressed to go pick my daughter up (she slept at a friends) hmmm or I just might go in my jammies. Well I am going to switch the laundry around and then it’s back to my knitting ahhhh what a wonderful way to spend a Sunday…..what’s your favorite way to spend a day off?????


Busy busy busy September 22, 2009

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finished :)

finished 🙂

So I went back to work yesterday after some time off to mend my back and worked a full day and am paying for it today lol I could only work half a day today 😦 I am going to try not to neglect my blog over the next little while but not only am I back to working all day I have 3 more orders for baby sweaters YAY. I will be madly knitting every spare minute I get but that is ok cuz it is what I love to do. Well off to start baby sweater #1.



Monday Menu Plan September 20, 2009

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Monday Menu Plan
So now that I am going back to work and all our programs are starting up I have decided to get back to meal planning so for this week our menu will be:  Monday – chicken penne and salsa salad      
                Tuesday – baked coho, rice and green salad                         
                Wednesday – turkey chili and salad      
                Thursday – leftovers               
                 Friday – chicken strips and salsa salad                            
                 Saturday – spinach noodles with tuna                              
                 Sunday – poached eggs and toast

so cute September 18, 2009

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Here is another of my baby sweaters I am loving the colors,  my mom is giving this one to a friend of hers who is having a baby. The colors are from lionbrand Vanna’s choice line in sapphire, linen and taupe. 🙂 knits 013


I HAVE A SERIOUS PROBLEM September 17, 2009

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HI MY NAME IS TASHA AND I AM A TEA AHOLIC… I feel so much better lol seriously I have a major problem with tea and coffee but mostly tea I can’t seem to ever have enough I have told my daughter not to let me buy anymore tea….but like all good tea aholics I will sneak and buy it I just know it lol.

What this picture doesn’t show is that there are alot of teas stashed in the baskets and they also are in about 3 or 4 boxes and canisters deep wow what am I going to do about this problem?????


Craft fair

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so I am busily trying to get items knit up for the fall/winter craft fair coming up and I have a few ideas that I feel are going to be a huge hit….and if not then I will have xmas presents for all my friends and family lol. I am pretty excited though so we will see what happens. The last craft fair all I made was baby socks and thought I would do up a few different things this time. I will post pics when I have some put together.


Eating clean September 15, 2009

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First I want to start by saying that I LOVE TOSCA RENO she is amazing if you haven’t heard of her you need to she is the author of the Eat Clean series. Eating clean is an amazing way to eat….if you care about you diet and your loved ones diets you need to try this. It takes some getting used to if you normally cook from a box but it is worth it. You will find you are in the kitchen a lot and if you don’t already worship your dishwasher you soon will lol.